Grind Time

This past Friday (3.19.10) 7NB attended its very first Grind Time NY rap battle competition and it was bananas!!! The competition was held at the “Southpaw” bar/concert venue in Park Slope, BK and featured some of the best battle rappers in the WORLD. Sectioned off by velvet ropes to form a make shift ring (actually shaped like a square) in the middle of the venue, MC’s went head to head in a timed 3 round battle to see who could lyrically slaughter their opponent. The event which is held once a month was hosted by the founder of Grind Time “Drect” and included a string of guest judges and hosts. If you have never seen a Grind Time battle (which are all over the web) or haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of their live events which take place all across the nation, (Grind Time circuits: East & West coast, South, Midwest & Northwest) we highly suggest that you do… click image to see more photos of the event….

1 Response to “Grind Time”

  1. March 22, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Thats my mans Lil Zm Right there, Home Boy the Truth

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