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Minetta Tavern

Minetta is hands down one of our favorite restaurants in NYC. The feeling & aroma upon entering automatically makes you aware of the quality of the establishment. They have a brunch, lunch, dinner & wine menu & are famously known for their Black Label Burger, arguably the best burger in NYC. The hours are kind funny & tables fill up fast so we definitely suggest calling ahead & making a reservation. Tourist or local, this restaurant is a must if you’re in NYC! 



This past weekend I ate at arguably my favorite restaurant in NYC , Cafetasia. I was introduced to this Thai food restaurant located on 8th st & University ave about a year ago and it continues to remain CONSISTANTLY GREAT. I stopped in at their new location on ave. A with a good friend and once again left with the -itis. Walking up to the door you immediately notice the all glass front giving view to the restaurants very sheik and cool décor. We were immediately seated, ordered 2 Blue Moons that were $3 each thanks to happy hour (12:30-5 pm) and was treated with kind prompt service for the hour we indulged ourselves. We started off with vegetable tempura rolls and the green papaya salad that were both extremely tasty, perfectly prepared and which I highly recommend. For our entrées I had the chicken basil udon (my FAVORITE item on the menu) while my friend enjoyed the garlic black pepper shrimp. The flavors in these dishes truly cannot be expressed in words; they were perfectly flavored and just spicy enough to make every sip of our beers that much more enjoyable. The portions were enough that there were leftovers to devour at home and when we received our bill, the total with tip was under $40. I honestly don’t think I need to say anymore about this place but you should also know that the BATHROOMS ARE CLEAN AS HELL, which will make anyone love a restaurant that much more. I truly LOVE this restaurant…

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